Thursday, August 13 2020 I had the chance to present a session for the Oracle Analytics Summit. It was a shared session with Christian Berg and the topic was the benefits and the path for an OBIEE to OAS upgrade.

I believe the topic can interest many of you, having an aging and maybe not supported OBIEE. You really should consider upgrading to OAS. You really get many benefits without having to pay more or extra licensing.

Upgrading from OBIEE to OAS – the benefits & the path to modernising your analytics

Gianni Ceresa, DATAlysis & Christian Berg, Dimensionality

In this session you will hear from both Gianni & Christian, two independent Oracle ACE Directors in the Analytics space. They will discuss why existing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE & OBIF) customers should upgrade to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) if they need to stay on-premise. They will briefly consider the factors that should weighed up when deciding between staying on-premise (with OAS) or moving to the cloud with (Oracle Analytics Cloud). They will go through and show much of the additional functionality that becomes available upon the upgrade to OAS; Self Service, data preparation & augmented (machine Learning) and discuss the value it brings to an organisation at no additional licence cost. Gianni & Christian will also cover the approaches available to customers wanting to undertake the upgrade and the things that they need consider.

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