About Gianni

I generally like the KISS principle, so I’m going to apply it here as well and keep my “profile” consistent with the one you find on many sites or events.

Gianni Ceresa is an OBIEE enthusiast more widely interested in BI/DW/EPM solutions with a special focus on Oracle products and solutions. Currently working for DATAlysis, his own consulting company in Switzerland, he was a Principal Consultant at Rittman Mead for more than three years, covering positions such as architect, analyst, team lead and developer, bridging together the business and the technical side of the BI world. Gianni previously has had four years of experience in EPM/BI with Hyperion/Oracle products for consultancy companies and before that explored all the possible aspects of web development during five years in multiple roles from Developer to CTO through Project Manager. His other activities include OBIEE training delivery, R&D and supporting the Oracle community on the OTN forums.

In addition to this I can say I had the chance to speak at few great conferences like Kscope15 and Kscope16, OUGN16, … I’m probably not a “natural” speaker but I must admit I enjoy it and so will try my best to continue to send interesting abstract to few events every year.

In addition to find me often (a lot, maybe too much?) on the ODC (ex OTN) forums in the Business Intelligence and related areas spaces I’m also often online on IRC in the #obihackers channel on freenode with a bunch of other guys and so if you have any question or want to just chat about BI and random topics feel free to join.

Oracle ACEAt end 2017 I had the pleasure to have been chosen to receive the Oracle ACE award. I’m really proud of that as I started my career by reading and following few Oracle ACE and learn from them. It also means that my efforts to give back to the community are paying.

Finally I’m also a kind of technology geek (probably just geek is more correct) and spend time reading things and also have few Raspberry Pi around and some Arduino’s which I use for the most random needs (always fun to program things from time to time).

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