I promise this is going to be the last post about Kscope16! (be ready, Kscope17 call for papers is already open, so I will soon start writing on that one 😀 )

A nice way to end the day is when you get an email from the ODTUG guys sending you the Kscope16 Speaker Evaluation Results : it’s a bit like when you do an exam or test or something and then wait for the results and at some point you get it (mail or letter). At least on my case the first reaction is to wait few seconds before to open it and think at how I performed, what were my feelings when I delivered my presentation.

I would like to thank all the attendees to my session (co-presented by Christian Berg) about OBIEE security, a tough topic in general. Your feedbacks are important !

They are good, even better than I thought, but the most important is not just the score itself but the comments. They really help in getting better and improve the way we (at least for me) deliver a presentation.

So thanks again to all of you who spent 2 minutes of your time to fill the form and I promise I will do my best to smooth my accent 😛 (not an easy tasks as I now have accents in all the languages I speak…).

See you in San Antonio for Kscope17 and I count on you to tell me if I improved or not.

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