In December 2015 I received an email I was waiting for some weeks (well, it was more something like 2 months than some weeks) : one of my 3 submitted sessions has been accepted !

I will be speaking at Kscope for the second time (my first one was at Kscope15 in Hollywood, Florida).

Kscope is really a unique conference for me, it’s big compared to any other Oracle-related event in Europe (but smaller than OOW, based on stats as I never been to OOW), it’s really about content and not about sales, it’s long enough to have time to meet lot of people, see great sessions, have fun at the many evening parties and a lot more.

I just attended once before, in 2015, but definitely loved it and it’s why I sent few papers for 2016 again and that I already have a reminder for later this year to send papers for Kscope17.

If you don’t know the event or curious about the tons of sessions have a look at for all the details.

Will you be around Chicago end of June? Then get your ticket for Kscope…
Not planning to be there? Well, luckily for you it’s still time to register and avoid to make a huge mistake.


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